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    Smack Lobster Roll

    I have walked by Smack several times and several times I’ve been with someone who wasn’t as into eating their weight in lobster rolls as I was. Then finally! The fates were looking favorably upon me in a moment when I walk by alone and I was famished.

    It was linner (lunch and dinner. It’s not a thing, I checked on twitter, but I’m making it a thing) and my original destination, although only a block away was too far. So, I ducked into Smack and out of the rain. Created by the wonderful magicians at Burger and Lobster (you can read my review of them here) Smack is everything you want in a lobster roll without having to wait. However, a tad pricey at £12/pop + £3 for sweet potato fries (obviously), it’s still less than Burger and Lobster.

    I put my order in for a California Lobster roll (lettuce, cucumber, tomato, avocado mayo, with lime and chives) and it was as delicious as it sounds. Smack also has the original Burger and Lobster recipe (try this first if you’ve never had one, if only to have a bar to judge everything else in your life against) as well as a Seven Samurai Japanese inspired lobster roll.

    There were also salads on the menu, but seriously, if you go into Smack and order a salad instead of a toasty buttery brioche roll full of delicious lobster, you need to start examining your life chooses. I was also tempted by their brisket roll offerings, at £8 each, but I had an event later than evening and didn’t want to have to explain my food baby.

    I added sweet potato fries, or as I like to call them, diet fries, because they were the only carb based side, strong choice Smack. I know waxing lyrical about sweet potato fries is such a basic bitch thing to do, on par with ordering a flat bread appetizer and just below taking pictures of pumpkin spiced lattes whilst wearing Uggs. You know what, judge all you want, sweet potato fries are delicious and they are fried to within an inch of their life.

    You can take your spoils away or eat on one of the many benches available, either way you are in for a treat.

    Come one, come all or order online! And Smack, can you add a few more options, please? I vaguely remember seeing that you once offered a Mexican lobster roll, although that could have been another one of my food dreams.

    What to wear: I was between meetings and wearing a business casual dress. I saw a guy walk in with a newspaper pirate hat though, so I think anything goes.


    58 Dean Street
London W1D 6AL

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    Jackson + Rye

    Jackson + Rye is great American style diner in the heart of Soho.  Now, having been someone who actually lived in America, this is not what an American diner is like in any way shape or form.  But I do appreciate their effort and to be honest, Jackson + Rye is nicer than most diners in America.  I’ve been there a few times before for a weekday lunch (actually with Harry Style’s sister.  She looks exactly like him… or really, he looks exactly like her.)
    Anyway, this time I went for a Saturday brunch and was pleasantly surprised with how friendly and efficient the staff was.  We had a film to be at and let them know at the beginning and they kept that in mind the entire time and the food came out promptly.  Unfortunately, there was major construction going on next door, so it was almost impossible to hold a conversation, but that wasn’t the fault of Jackson + Rye.
    I had the Avocados Eggs benedict and had no idea what to expect.  What came was really good and perfect for anyone on a low carb, high fat diet.  Poached eggs sat on top of the avocado along with (the requested) crispy bacon.  It also came with potatoes and bread, but it was so filling I hardly touched them.  Side note, the coffee was great as well.
    They get fairly busy, so I recommend a reservation or try for one of the few walk-in seats available, which was what we did at around 10am.
    56 Wardour Street, London W1
    0207437 8338

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    The Palomar Restaurant

    If I was facing the death penalty, I would choose the Challah bread at The Palomar for my last meal. Although, I’d probably be on death row for bludgeoning someone to death for jumping the queue at their Soho location.

    The first time I went it was a random invite from a friend and her boyfriend. The clever bunny books restaurants several months in advance for 4 people and then the week of, finds another couple to go with and my fiancé and I won the lottery this time!

    The four of us were squashed into a corner table normally reserved for two people and handed menus. I was super intimidated at first because I didn’t know most things on the menu.  Thankfully our friends had been there before, and to other restaurants by the same chef group in Jerusalem and assured me the food was incredible.  She wasn’t wrong.
    My contribution for ordering for the table was the Chicken two ways because it was breaded and fried, and as I said before, that’s pretty much how I judge all food.

    It was delicious! The Challah Bread is to literally die for.  You can’t go wrong with just about anything you order and take a chance on the chef specials.  We did and there were absolutely no regrets!

    Reservations are understandably difficult. However, if you go very early, you stand a good chance of getting a seat at the bar. I did that with my vegetarian friend while she was pregnant and the seats were confortable enough for her and she loved the food. It’s also fun to watch the kitchen work in front of you. They have a pretty good sense of humor.

    The Palomar
    34 Rupert Street
    London W1D 6DN

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