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    Disfrutar Barcelona

    You may not always associate Spain with some of the best chefs in the world as that title is usually associated with the French. However, the Spanish specialize in something truly unique: molecular cooking. A sort of culinary science experiment, expect things to look, taste and feel different than you would imagine.

    So, on a recent trip to Barcelona when we heard about the recently opened and award winning Disfrutar (Spanish for enjoy) we knew we needed to stop by. Started by three chefs who trained at elBulli and later opened their first restaurant Compartir in 2012, Disfrutar is a no fuss approach to truly creative food.

    From the clay tiles to the underwater feel in the bathrooms, the Michelin-starred restaurant is meant to reflect the Mediterranean. The food does as well, with a menu dominated by fish. Come hungry because Disfrutar only offers a choice of tasting menus, grand or regular, classic or ‘festival’.

    We chose the grand and proceeded to eat for several hours.


    Foie Gras

    Below are a selection of food photos. My favourite dish was the carb free ‘mac and cheese’ which was made with a jelly pasta and cream sauce. None of that pesky wheat, but enough cheese to clog even the largest of arteries.

    This was actually tied with the deep fried runny egg which would probably be my perfect meal combined with bacon.


    There was even a green juice. I didn’t choose this basic life, it chose me.

    The below was tough for me to eat because I hate eating things when they look like they did when they were alive.


    Cotton candy on a cotton tree (4 of the cotton balls were edible).

    Chocolate filled chilies.



    You had to rinse your hand with whiskey before the rabbit broth chilled with a pressure frozen, perfectly clear ice cube.

    Those little dangle things above are actually pasta.

    The below was a bit fishy for my tastes and quite difficult to eat while keeping hold of your dignity.

    The below was a kind of dry gazpacho.

    Giant corn with avocado on a cracker.


    Freeze dried beets. These were sweet and reminded me of special k red berries (in a good way).

    The tiny fishes on this dish reminded me of several meals we had in Japan. This baby fish is salty and a bit creepy, so I suggest eating with your eyes closed (see my Japan food guide here).

    Barcelona has such a rich foodie culture and a welcoming atmosphere. I’d highly recommend it if you are looking to travel with your stomach in mind.




    Restaurant Ours 

    A group of us managed to get a table at Restaurant Ours a week before the official opening May 19th and I was really looking forward to it. Touted by Tom Sellers himself as the biggest restaurant launch in London this year (cue eye roll), it seems like he hopes it will be the next Chiltern. And it might be, I mean, they both have delicious fried chicken snacks.

    Restaurant Ours is a stone’s throw away from what used to be the bustling Walton Street, and South Kensington has been hungry for this type of restaurant for a while. A crafted, low key atmosphere with good food and even better décor is exactly what will revitalize this area, which seems to have lost it’s mojo in the last few years.

    Situated in the space formerly occupied by the Collection nightclub, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. The last time I was at Collection was 2008, where I had the worst cosmopolitan of my life, was knocked over by a Russian prostitute and never returned. For me, the most striking thing about Restaurant Ours is what they did with the space. The exposed brick is still there, but whereas before there would be a model swinging from the chandeliers, there’s now some beautiful greenery. The familiar long hallway entrance is lit beautifully, but the real attraction is the open plan dining room’s large trees adorned with fairy lights. To add to the ambiance, a troupe of (bearded, obvs) acoustic musicians walked around and serenaded the tables.

    We dined on a Friday night and there was a real mix of people (a table of 15 instagram models with three men as well as a family of four in our section), and since I went during their soft opening, I won’t necessarily be as critical as I usually would. Yes, there were hiccups. Most of the bathrooms were out of order, and the one that did work, didn’t have any soap. They didn’t have their lowest priced champagne (Ruinart at £85/bottle), brought a mocktail full of gin and they don’t take American Express. But, that aside I am so happy to have a restaurant like this in our neighborhood.

    We were told by our waiter that Restaurant Ours was a ‘sharing concept’ dining experience and modern European cuisine. Although, the menu felt quite worldly, with influences from the American South (buttermilk chicken), India (lamb samosas) and Japan (vegetable tempura).

    The menu was divided into several sections: Starters, Raw, Salads, Mains, Beef, Sides and Desserts. There was also an additional menu attached called Snacks.

    The relatively large portion of Tuna.

    He suggested we get a few starters for everyone to share, our own main, and then share the desserts. The selection looked fantastic, so we ordered several items off the snacks menu and the starters. The prices were reasonable, especially for this area, and the reason became clear when we saw the portions; they were all over the place.

    The ham croquetas were plentiful, but contained far too much cheese and fell apart easily.

    The salt and pepper squid could have been crispier and I found them to be a tad on the rubbery side, but the spicy dipping sauce was excellent and the dish came with a few pieces of asparagus tempura.

    Whatever you do, you need to order the buttermilk chicken (or fancy chicken nuggets as I like to call them). They were delicious, perfectly cooked, crispy and came with an interesting creamy pineapple dipping sauce. This was by far my favourite dish!

    The crab, avocado and apple was really good, but there was no way it was meant to be shared, unless it was between two small children or the type of date that pretends to eat, which if that is you, go for it.

    Steak Tartare, from the raw menu.

    Much of the food we ordered was charred, which seems to be in right now. Although it tastes good, it comes with that, “I could do this myself at home” feeling. Like when you go to a modern art museum and see some splatter painted canvas roped off and wonder if someone would pay you a million quid to colour outside the lines. But of course, if I was to char dinner at home, it would be referred to as burned and met with a smile that said, at least you tried. When you go to a restaurant it’s on purpose and you pay more for it.

    For my main, I had the chicken ballotine, truffle and sweet corn. Although the portion was the smaller out of our mains, it was fantastic! I ordered it for the truffle, but it wasn’t a strong flavor in the dish. However, the sweet corn was served as a cream corn base, which was my favourite food growing up. It’s difficult to find here, so thank you Tom!

    The table gave a thumbs up for the lamb.

    And had a bite of hub’s veal chop, which was charred, but very tender and tasty.

    The cauliflower was great, and as you can see in my post about NAC here, it’s the new superfood and never in stock in the grocery store. Expect to find this on every menu in the near future, possibly usurping kale, but most likely broccoli or green beans will take the hit.

    My picture doesn’t do it justice. This was a huge portion compared to everything else we ordered.

    We ordered the chips without the foie gras because I hate foie gras. The portion was big enough to feed a family of four.

    We also had the sea bass, melon and almond as well as the scallops with pickles and grapefruit. It was too raw for me, but my friend seemed to enjoy it.

    Then came desserts! We ordered the peach soufflé to share because it was made with champagne and the doughnuts, because, doughnuts!

    The soufflé was ok. I’m not a huge fan, partly because it’s so high maintenance but this one had interesting ingredients. So if you’re into soufflés, I’d give it a shot.

    The doughnuts were awesome! Actually, they were little doughnut holes, but I like those even better. It was a bit of a pick and mix with cinnamon, salted caramel and apple. This is definitely a dessert you can share as it came with two of each kind, my favourite being the apple.


    What to wear: I had absolutely no idea on this one. The early reviews said it was low key, but it’s still a hot restaurant in Chelsea. Several women were dressed like Kim Kardashian (and actually quite a few men were dressed as Kanye), but others were very Kate Moss in jeans and a white shirt. I wore a white vest top and leather skirt to split the difference.

    Overall, if you can get a table, I highly recommend it, if only for the incredible space. I already have my next reservation booked! I’ve dined at both nearby The Ivy Chelsea Garden and Chiltern Firehouse recently, and I thought the food was comparable (if not a bit better at The Ivy because they have an incredible roasted cauliflower and stilton soup). Restaurant Ours should have all the bugs worked out soon and most people don’t go to a restaurant as ravenously hungry as I was.

    Restaurant Ours

    264 Brompton Road


    SW3 2AS

    020 71002200
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    Square Meal


    Frenchie Covent Garden

    Frenchie Covent Garden is not an easy reservation to get. I usually roll my eyes at restaurants with months long waiting lists because by and far my experience has been that they are over hyped. But, when the hub’s French boss said Frenchie was great, I called them up and put my name down for a random Tuesday in April.


    A one month wait could actually be seen as getting in early to one of Gregory Marchand’s restaurants. The original Frenchie is in Paris and you essentially have to be Gregory or his wife to even get in. But,  when we walked in, there seemed to be space at the bar. So, if you’re in Covent Garden, I’d give it a shot.


     First things first, my cocktail was probably one of the best I have ever had. And I have had A LOT of cocktails in my life. I ordered it because it was vodka based and called Once Upon a Time No 2. It was sweet, smoky and just plain old delicious.


     There were four of us, so we decided to order a bit of everything and share. If I’m honest, I wasn’t super stoked with the choices for mains. They had Guinea fowl AND pigeon on the menu. Come on, Marchand, I know you’re French, but can we have one normal meat, please?

    The menu is divided into bar snacks, starters, mains and dessert. The bar snacks are very small – one portion each. We had the maple bacon scones, which were absolutely delicious!


     We also had the duck egg, which was essentially a deviled egg and very delicious.


     The ham was very well presented and tasty, but nothing special.


     From the starter menu we ordered the smoked char tartare, Cornish crab, lamb ragu and gnocchi.


     Again, the portions were quite small but everything was delicious. The tartare looked a little strange but was fantastic.


     My favourite was the gnocchi, evidenced by the fact that I inhaled it before I got a real picture. Sorry, this was all that was left when I came out of my cheese and potato induced haze.


     We split the two fish mains. They were fantastic and again, small. So if you’re in doubt, definitely order a starter and a main. I preferred the monkfish because it had more vegetables.

     We ordered the desserts because one of them had bacon ice cream. Unfortunately bacon ice cream isn’t a Ben and Jerry’s flavor for a reason. It would have been tastier as maple ice cream with bacon bits.


     Overall, Frenchie was low key with very tasty food for a reasonable price. It’s right near the Royal Opera House so head over early for a dinner before your show.


    What to wear: I was slightly over dressed in a skirt and silk top. It feels like a chic jeans and heels kind of place.

    Make sure you order: The cocktail. Seriously. The best I have EVER had.




    16 Henrietta Street


    WC2E 8QH

    020 7836 4422

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    Square Meal



    Lucio is a Chelsea favourite among locals and celebrities.  We’ve been there a few times, but this time I took pictures! The specials are always delicious and the staff extremely friendly.
    One of the highlights for me are the photos that decorate the walls.  Lucio is friends with Terry O’Neill and has his iconic photos all over the restaurant.  Makes me feel glamorous and think of myself in that era, indulging on pasta in a bid to gain weight for bigger boobs. Ahh, those were the days.

    This time around I had the pumpkin soup with ham. It was really delicious, with a hint of bacon flavor. Refreshingly for my waistline, it also didn’t have any cream.

    For my main, I had the fillet steak, which was cooked to perfection. The red onions had some tang to them, which went great with the potatoes. 

    Now that we got the food bit over with, time to get to the real reason I wanted to go there and write a blog.  They probably have the best chocolate fondant in London.  I know that’s a huge statement to make, but I’ve had a lot.  Like, if it’s on the menu at any restaurant, I’ll order it.  And as a testament to how amazing it is at Lucio’s, my husband and I have gone here just for dessert.  Like I mentioned before, the staff ate awesome.  The owner and his son chat to us all the time and they made a special exception one night when I NEEDED to have some chocolate.

    It’s not a cheap evening out though, so if you are looking for just straight up cheap and cheerful Italian, Riccardo’s is across the street and slightly less.
    What to wear: The dress varies from cocktail to jeans.  Lucio has an impressive collection of American rodeo belt buckles.  Make sure you ask him about them!
    Who you’ll see: Apparently celebrities frequent Lucios often.  I’ve never seen one or didn’t recognize them.  Fun fact: Lucio’s has a second exit, which has been used before when a man took his mistress there for dinner and his wife walked in.
    257-259 Fulham Road, London, SW7 6HY

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    My love of hot dogs is well documented, mainly here, and I have been looking forward to this post for a very long time.
    I tried to get a reservation at Bubbledogs for a group of us in November, but they didn’t have anything till February.  In February I called again and they didn’t have anything until the end of March, which so happened to coincide with my early birthday get together.  So I booked for 10 girls, two of which couldn’t make it last minute.
    We went down the street to the Charlotte Street hotel for drinks first which I always love.  The room is big enough so you don’t feel claustrophobic and has a great crowd.  house white wine was £8/glass though so beware.
    Then we moved to the main event!  We were shown to our table(s) near the back right away.  They asked if they could seat another two with us, which I awkwardly said no to because it was my birthday party and it would have been like having two complete strangers hanging out with us.
    Then came the exploration of the menu.  They (as advertised) have loads of champers and hot dogs to choose from which posed a very serious problem for me.  We wanted to order our champagne first, because it was taking ages for hot dog decisions, but the waiter was nowhere to be seen.  In fact, it took over half an hour for us to get our champagne.
    Le Menu

    So, by the time the waiter came around, I basically didn’t decide.  I ordered the Horny dog (corn dog) and the Breakie.

    All of my favorite things together!
    Turns out, getting everything you’ve ever wanted all at once isn’t as awesome as it sounds.  I love breakfast food and I love hot  dogs so in theory i should love a breakfast hot dog.  In truth, the idea of it is far better than the execution.  For all the dogs you have a choice of beef, pork or veggie and I decided on beef for all of mine because I felt a pork hot dog wrapped in more pork was a bit much.  But because there is so much going on in this one you couldn’t really taste anything individually.  Like putting all your favorite paint colors together and getting a brown sludge.  Not my favorite   Don’t get me wrong though, I still ate the whole thing.  
    Horny dog (that’s what she said)

    Horny dog was really really good.  Corn dogs are just a regular dog, covered in corn meal batter and deep fried.  even tastier than it sounds because the salty dog and sweet corn go great together.  I have mine with both mustard (it’s  American mustard!) and ketchup. If I had one criticism, it would be that it wasn’t quite crispy enough on the outside.  for corn dogs, there is about a 3 min window from out of the deep fryer that they need to be served in order to keep the crispyness.  We did not make that window.
    All dressed up
    My friends ordered a variety of things (veggie and pork as well).  Here are pictures of those things.  The girls all seemed very pleased with their meals.
    Jose (avocado, salsa, sour cream, jalapenos)
    New Yorker
    Mine again (getting acquainted with the champagne washing them down)

    You can also order tater tots which are these little hasbrown-y things I used to eat almost daily as a kid.  They are awesome.


    So all in all, The service wasn’t amazing, but we did have a very good time.

    Hot Dog Massive

    I would recommend booking a group of 6 or more, otherwise you’ll be waiting in line for a few hours.  Their phones are only open for reservations 9:30am – 11am Tuesday to Saturday.  Not the most convenient  but you can also book through this email:  Not instant, but they do get back to you relatively soon.

    One other cool thing was that the bathroom walls are papered with posh restaurant menus like Nobu, Hedon (DON’T order the pigeon there… it comes with FEET attached), Noma and the fancy NY restaurant Per Se.  I asked the waiter about it and apparently it’s places the head chef has liked or worked at.  In fact he once worked at Per Se.  Now he makes posh hot dogs. I would prefer the latter as well.
    Where: 70 Charlotte Street, London W1T 4QG
    Phone: 0207 637 7770
    What to wear: See above photo.  It’s pretty low key, we were going out after.
    Cost:  Dogs are about £7, with champagne for all of us to have a dog (I had 2 dogs) and share tots and sweet potato fries was about £22 each.

    Bubbledogs Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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    VooDoo Doughnut: Yes I did

    So, I went all the way to Portland to eat a Voodoo Doughnut. Just Kidding. Sort of. My best friend got married in Portland and Instead of going a million miles just for the wedding, My BF and I went on a whirl wind adventure through Idaho, Portland and Seattle.  This is about my food adventure in Portland.

    So, from my point of view, the main things to take away from Portland are:  There are loads of homeless people on crack/bath salts, hipsters and seriously awesome doughnuts.  I also lit my hair on fire in a bar when leaning in for a bridal party picture 2 days before the wedding, so I was talk taking away a little less hair than I came to Portland with.

    I saw an episode of Simpsons (coincidentally) right before I left where all these hipsters came to Springfield and this guy was making weird doughnuts and I was all like, wouldn’t that be amazing?  And then my BF was like, it’s a real thing and we go there next week.  So the whole trip all I could think about was how, between all my bridesmaids duties, was I going to be able to wait in line for 3 hours to eat a doughnut with bacon on it.  I honestly didn’t think I’d make it, but thanks to jet lag, I was up stupid early on Saturday morning, the day of the wedding.  I went to the gym in a vain attempt to preempt that 8 zillion calories I was about to eat and then got so excited, I left early and ran to VooDoo Doughnut at 730 in the morning in my work out gear, sleeveless in barely above freezing weather.  Worth it.

    I only had to wait in line for 30 min and when I was almost at the front some obnoxious woman with her 25 kids let them all go individually.  Listen, I love kids.  I like to entertain them, that’s why I work in kids TV.  But, when there is a line around the block to get something, please don’t make said line a million times longer just because your kids wants to hand the lady a dollar.  You and your children are not the only people on earth and the group of yummy mummies with their kids in front of you were nice enough to get their s^&t together and order as a group.  Rant over.

    Needless to say when I finally got to the register I was presented with this:

    I basically had my small order in my head and was planning my run back (because at this point I was running half an hour later for my hair appointment, but come on, bacon doughnuts.  Priorities.) when I suddenly wanted everything.  So I ordered:

    • A cock n balls – huge phallic doughnut filled with cream. (with the brides name artfully written across the shaft).



    • One covered in Fruit Loops because in University the bride and I made a regular habit of eating dry cereal pretty much all the time.
    • One covered in Oreros because… well it was covered in Oreos.
    • Two little ones that looked like boobs because it was funny.
    • A Wookie, which is their signature shape (a VooDoo Doll, see what they did there?) but decorated as a Wookie.


    I ate it’s arm.


    • Two Maple Blazer Blunts.  One was for my BF, and was my second favourite (after the bacon doughnut, obviously).  They cost $4.20.  See what they did there again??.
    • A Portland cream, which is exactly like a Boston cream but they paint two little white eyes on it.
    • And finally, a maple bacon doughnut.  It was definitely the best thing I’d eaten in Portland.  It was just a regular maple glazed bar.  WITH BACON.  I can’t emphasize enough how awesome it was.  We had bacon and eggs that morning as well (so in total, I basically ate 7 pieces of bacon in the space of about an hour) and it was the first doughnut gone.


    Our wedding day spread

    I think I may have over estimated how much seven girls will eat right before they have to get into fancy dresses because there were a few leftovers which I delivered to the groomsmen.

    In total I spent about an hour getting them and $20.  It’s a must if you are in Portland, along with going down to the cost and seeing The Goonies beach… but heads up, don’t wear wedges because you have to hike down and your boyfriend might get mad at you for having to carry you.

    Goonies beach

    Info all right here, they have 3 locations:

    Heads up, they only take cash… hipsters for ya.

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