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    Want to go to a cute little boulangerie/café in France? Go no further than Oree. This little slice of crack for sugar addicts, such as myself, popped up on Fulham road mid 2016 and has been busy since. Serving fresh baked everything at a reasonable price, it’s now my one stop shop for fresh bread and desserts galore.

    Surrounded by C-Press Juice and Lomax gym, Oree knows their audience and caters for intolerances and the healthy eating habits of the Chelsea set. However, you do need to walk past their delicious display of treats in order to get to the café. You win some you lose some.

    They have eggs benedict on the menu, so I obviously ordered that. What I wasn’t expecting was how amazing it was. They use Japanese Mie instead of the traditional English muffin and what a fantastic addition. Instead of traditional ham, they use Iberian cured ham, which I didn’t love but I can see why some people would.

    To balance it out (and honestly, to fit in a little) I also ordered a green juice, which, although green, didn’t taste like grass. Yay!

    I have picked up dessert for dinner parties several times here and can vouch for pretty much everything (New Years diet starts now!). My personal favorites are the lemon tart and the mille feuille but I have also eaten the giant gold cake profiterole thingy and it didn’t disappoint.


    What to wear: I showed up post gym in lululemon and a ponytail, but most people are parisian chic in minimal makeup and oversized sweaters.


    275-277 Fulham Road

    Chelsea, London, SW10 9PZ

    0203 813 972


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    Chicima, located in World’s End, Chelsea, is the little sister to Peruvian powerhouse Pachamama. Peruvian food has been super popular lately and having been to Pachcmama, Chotto Matte and Coya as well as actually going to Peru last year, I can say the Peruvian food in London is second to none.

    Chicama is really good, as long as you like seafood and veggies. You aren’t coming here for variety, but the options they do have are delicious. I went with my friend Michelle because she’d been raving about it for weeks. We went on a Monday so the vibe wasn’t amazing, but she assured me that later in the week, it has a cool atmosphere.


    It’s tapas style so we shared several starters and then a main fish, and honestly, we probably didn’t need the fish. The starter portions are really decent. We began with the tapioca marshmallows, which were good, but I didn’t love the texture (I’ve always hated tapioca).

    However, next up were the courgette and cornmeal beignets and I highly recommend them. Sooooo tasty and the sauces were on point.

    We moved on to the ceviche, which is classic Peruvian. The salmon could have been a main meal on it’s own as it included quinoa. It was really good and I definitely ate more than my fair share.

    The tuna wasn’t so much ceviche (i.e, not chunks with onion) but thin slices topped with jalapeno and accompaniments. It was also really good and not too fishy which is usually my main complaint with ceviche.

    They do a really good job with veggies because it’s basically all they serve. The roasted cauliflower was a highlight for me. It’s the vegetable du jour so I do feel it’s been played out a little, but the addition of almonds and a yogurt sauce was tasty.

    The other vegetable I would say is a must is the aubergine. Again, this has been done a lot but the miso sauce was really good.

    By the time we got to the fish we were stuffed, but honestly, it was nothing to write home about. However, the sides were fantastic. Michelle was obsessed with the black rice, which was good, but she kind of hyped it up too much.

    The charred sweet potato was also really good but I could barely have a bite after all the food.

    Chicama has the potential to be a great light dinner with the girls if you don’t over order. But, on the same note, if you’re looking for something hearty, this isn’t the place for you either.

    What to wear: I was dripping in fur because it was cold and I was being dramatic.

    383 King’s Road
    SW10 0LP,

    020 3874 2000


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    Blakes Hotel

    Chelsea is back and it’s all thanks to Blakes Hotel. The newly refurbished dining room is the new place to be along with the underground (literally) bar that you would never know was there unless someone told you. You’re welcome.

    The art deco look is all part of the hotel’s boutique feel. It’s dark, sexy and there’s even a room you can stay in that Mickey Rourke trashed and Blakes has preserved so you can feel like a Hollywood insider. Downstairs is exclusive but not up themselves, they don’t do lines and chatter is spreading. This is the new Chiltern.

    Armed with a great atmosphere and an amazing menu, Blakes restaurant is a Mediterranean inspired party in your mouth. We went with a pregnant friend of ours and they were totally accommodating. The staff are attentive and so confident in the dishes they recommend that our waiter offered to pay for my meal if I didn’t like it.

    We started off with a complimentary artichoke dish with truffle mayo that was incredible. I’ve had artichoke once before and I thought I hated it. Turns out, I just hadn’t had it done right.

    We shared several starters because it was difficult to choose just one. The burrata was fresh and served with a variety of tomatoes.

    However, my favorite bite of the night had to be the truffle ravioli. Simple, yet so delicious. Screw summer, truffle season is my favorite time of the year.

    I chose the main recommended by our waiter because he was so confident and declared it was the best thing on the menu (plus, as I said before, it was free if I didn’t like it). The Charcoal Grilled Pulma Belltoa Iberico, which is a fancy way of saying it’s a great pork steak, came with a generous side of kale and pardon peppers. Tender and filling, it was the second best thing I had after the truffle pasta, because, truffle.

    The rest of my party were all equally pleased with their selections which included the Lobster Paccheri Pasta and the Sole.

    I will tell you where this is on one condition, do not clog up all their reservations – and you will need one. They don’t do clipboards so don’t show up unless you book ahead or you’ll be disappointed. This is my new local and I don’t want to have to wait to get a table.


    33 Roland Gardens


    SW7 3PF

    What to wear: Giltteratti is everywhere, so dress accordingly if you want to fit in.

    Who you’ll see: A celeb nobody is paying attention to because everyone there is chill.


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    Restaurant Ours 

    A group of us managed to get a table at Restaurant Ours a week before the official opening May 19th and I was really looking forward to it. Touted by Tom Sellers himself as the biggest restaurant launch in London this year (cue eye roll), it seems like he hopes it will be the next Chiltern. And it might be, I mean, they both have delicious fried chicken snacks.

    Restaurant Ours is a stone’s throw away from what used to be the bustling Walton Street, and South Kensington has been hungry for this type of restaurant for a while. A crafted, low key atmosphere with good food and even better décor is exactly what will revitalize this area, which seems to have lost it’s mojo in the last few years.

    Situated in the space formerly occupied by the Collection nightclub, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. The last time I was at Collection was 2008, where I had the worst cosmopolitan of my life, was knocked over by a Russian prostitute and never returned. For me, the most striking thing about Restaurant Ours is what they did with the space. The exposed brick is still there, but whereas before there would be a model swinging from the chandeliers, there’s now some beautiful greenery. The familiar long hallway entrance is lit beautifully, but the real attraction is the open plan dining room’s large trees adorned with fairy lights. To add to the ambiance, a troupe of (bearded, obvs) acoustic musicians walked around and serenaded the tables.

    We dined on a Friday night and there was a real mix of people (a table of 15 instagram models with three men as well as a family of four in our section), and since I went during their soft opening, I won’t necessarily be as critical as I usually would. Yes, there were hiccups. Most of the bathrooms were out of order, and the one that did work, didn’t have any soap. They didn’t have their lowest priced champagne (Ruinart at £85/bottle), brought a mocktail full of gin and they don’t take American Express. But, that aside I am so happy to have a restaurant like this in our neighborhood.

    We were told by our waiter that Restaurant Ours was a ‘sharing concept’ dining experience and modern European cuisine. Although, the menu felt quite worldly, with influences from the American South (buttermilk chicken), India (lamb samosas) and Japan (vegetable tempura).

    The menu was divided into several sections: Starters, Raw, Salads, Mains, Beef, Sides and Desserts. There was also an additional menu attached called Snacks.

    The relatively large portion of Tuna.

    He suggested we get a few starters for everyone to share, our own main, and then share the desserts. The selection looked fantastic, so we ordered several items off the snacks menu and the starters. The prices were reasonable, especially for this area, and the reason became clear when we saw the portions; they were all over the place.

    The ham croquetas were plentiful, but contained far too much cheese and fell apart easily.

    The salt and pepper squid could have been crispier and I found them to be a tad on the rubbery side, but the spicy dipping sauce was excellent and the dish came with a few pieces of asparagus tempura.

    Whatever you do, you need to order the buttermilk chicken (or fancy chicken nuggets as I like to call them). They were delicious, perfectly cooked, crispy and came with an interesting creamy pineapple dipping sauce. This was by far my favourite dish!

    The crab, avocado and apple was really good, but there was no way it was meant to be shared, unless it was between two small children or the type of date that pretends to eat, which if that is you, go for it.

    Steak Tartare, from the raw menu.

    Much of the food we ordered was charred, which seems to be in right now. Although it tastes good, it comes with that, “I could do this myself at home” feeling. Like when you go to a modern art museum and see some splatter painted canvas roped off and wonder if someone would pay you a million quid to colour outside the lines. But of course, if I was to char dinner at home, it would be referred to as burned and met with a smile that said, at least you tried. When you go to a restaurant it’s on purpose and you pay more for it.

    For my main, I had the chicken ballotine, truffle and sweet corn. Although the portion was the smaller out of our mains, it was fantastic! I ordered it for the truffle, but it wasn’t a strong flavor in the dish. However, the sweet corn was served as a cream corn base, which was my favourite food growing up. It’s difficult to find here, so thank you Tom!

    The table gave a thumbs up for the lamb.

    And had a bite of hub’s veal chop, which was charred, but very tender and tasty.

    The cauliflower was great, and as you can see in my post about NAC here, it’s the new superfood and never in stock in the grocery store. Expect to find this on every menu in the near future, possibly usurping kale, but most likely broccoli or green beans will take the hit.

    My picture doesn’t do it justice. This was a huge portion compared to everything else we ordered.

    We ordered the chips without the foie gras because I hate foie gras. The portion was big enough to feed a family of four.

    We also had the sea bass, melon and almond as well as the scallops with pickles and grapefruit. It was too raw for me, but my friend seemed to enjoy it.

    Then came desserts! We ordered the peach soufflé to share because it was made with champagne and the doughnuts, because, doughnuts!

    The soufflé was ok. I’m not a huge fan, partly because it’s so high maintenance but this one had interesting ingredients. So if you’re into soufflés, I’d give it a shot.

    The doughnuts were awesome! Actually, they were little doughnut holes, but I like those even better. It was a bit of a pick and mix with cinnamon, salted caramel and apple. This is definitely a dessert you can share as it came with two of each kind, my favourite being the apple.


    What to wear: I had absolutely no idea on this one. The early reviews said it was low key, but it’s still a hot restaurant in Chelsea. Several women were dressed like Kim Kardashian (and actually quite a few men were dressed as Kanye), but others were very Kate Moss in jeans and a white shirt. I wore a white vest top and leather skirt to split the difference.

    Overall, if you can get a table, I highly recommend it, if only for the incredible space. I already have my next reservation booked! I’ve dined at both nearby The Ivy Chelsea Garden and Chiltern Firehouse recently, and I thought the food was comparable (if not a bit better at The Ivy because they have an incredible roasted cauliflower and stilton soup). Restaurant Ours should have all the bugs worked out soon and most people don’t go to a restaurant as ravenously hungry as I was.

    Restaurant Ours

    264 Brompton Road


    SW3 2AS

    020 71002200
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    The Builders Arms 

    The Builders Arms pub is a *potential* hidden gem on a small street near Kings Road but at the moment is a bit of a diamond in the rough. Just past the boisterous Sydney Arms (great to watch a game, but gets very packed) you can have a more civilized Sunday roast in a place that has an actual ‘press for champagne’ button – however, nobody ever comes.

    I’d been many times before, but this particular time, I didn’t inhale my food immediately and remembered to take pictures. Although, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the addition of live music.

    One thing is for sure, you will never want for food at this pub. The Sunday roas was HUGE. Far more than a human woman could possibly eat. So, go hungry!

    I had the burger and was very impressed with the fact that I managed to eat the whole thing, bun included without it looking like a five year old ate where I was sitting. It was very tasty as well.

    The one hiccup in the food quality were the carrots. We ordered a side portion and nobody ate them because, well, look. They are sad and bruised.

    I highly recommend the dessert. I normally skip it at pubs because the offer is almost always boring and/or sticky toffee pudding. We had the apple and rhubarb crumble which was easily big enough for the whole table and the cornflake ice cream which was essentially breakfast but in the best possible way.

    The service could use some work, though. I repeatedly had to flag someone down and at no point did anyone come and check on us.   As long as you’re not in a rush and waiting ages for things like your drinks and bill doesn’t bother you, the food is quite good.

    I also think the pub might need some training on learning when someone has had too much and shouldn’t be served. We left the bar and there was a man slumped over on one of the tables outside with a full beer. We managed to wake him up, but he clearly had too much to drink and shouldn’t have been served that last pint. And, as you can see, the service was such that nobody noticed him outside.


    The Builders Arms

    13 Britten Street


    SW3 3TY



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    Square Meal



    Goat has a special place in my heart because it’s where I met my husband.  Back then, however it was a dive-y pub called The Goat and Boots. Goat, as it stands now was refurbished a few years ago and has become a neighborhood favorite.
    It was a lazy Saturday when we went ad Chelsea was playing. Goat was one of the few places not full of rowdy blue jerseys so we went to have a bite. I’ve eaten there several times before and my favorite thing on the menu for a light bite is the black quinoa salad.  The portion size is actually quite decent for the starter, which means I usually pair it with something less healthy, like the truffle mac and cheese.
    The mac and cheese, however, is a fairly small portion.  We were a fairly large group drinking and eating so we shared everything and this didn’t go very far. So we added the antipasti platter and calamari.
    Antipasti was really good, particularly the fried artichokes. The calamari was very small and came with legs, which I hate, although the fried courgette was a nice touch.
    One of the great things about Goat is the secret speakeasy. I’ve been there for drinks on several occasions and because the space is fairly small, it’s perfect for intimate private parties.  However, ladies beware. They place candles in very dangerous places and my friend’s hair started on fire as she stood near a shelf that had a poorly placed candle at head height.  When we spoke to the manager about it, he didn’t seem to think having a candle there was a big deal because it had only happened twice before.  Listen, if a girl sets her hair on fire once because you have a candle burning in a bad spot, that’s one time too many.  Sort it out.
    Great for: quick bite and then head upstairs.  It’s one of the only pubs in the area still open until 1.
    Watch out for: Candles and drunk Chelsea supporters on the street.
    333 Fulham Road, SW10 9QL
    020 7352 1384

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    The Ivy Chelsea Garden

    The Ivy Chelsea Garden is a beautiful rose that popped up in a former plot of manure.  It’s so different from the bar/restaurant/blackout location that used to be there, I was skeptical. How could something so awesome exist where so many horrendous smells and bad decisions had come from?
    Apparently before you get married you need to take every opportunity to drink out of penis straws. 
    Anyway, The Ivy Chelsea Garden can be a hard reservation to get. Usually I’m pretty over places like that, but one evening I called randomly and they did have space for two at 8. I went with my hilarious friend Michelle the week before my wedding and she brought me these completely appropriate props to have dinner with. We sat out in the garden and it was a bit chilly so the staff brought us blankets along with our menus.
    To say the menu is comprehensive is an understatement. It was super hard to choose because they had everything from mushroom on toast to tuna carpaccio and that was just the starters. 

    I’ve been called The Cheese Monster by a French guy I know, so it’s no surprise I ordered the seasonal roasted cauliflower soup with crumbled Stilton.  It was magical and renewed my obsession with soup in general.

    For my main, I went with the Chicken Milanese because A) I like breaded anything, B) I love fried eggs, C) When I see the world truffle I am blind to anything else.  But believe it or not, this STILL didn’t narrow my choices because there are no fewer than 4 truffle items on the all day menu: Truffle Arancini, truffle and parmesan fries, chicken Milanese and truffled chicken brioche sandwich. This food literally ticked ALL OF THE BOXES IN THE WORLD.
    Please forgive the half eaten photo. We were scuba deep on two bottles of wine.
    Now, I was still on my wedding diet so that cancelled out the fried rice balls. However, I was having soup, so no need to go overboard on the health factor either which cancelled out the chicken sandwich (it came with salad on salad with no fries). In the interest of full disclosure, I ordered the other two truffle things: Chicken Milanese and the truffle parmesan fries.  I was two pounds over my goal weight for my wedding and this was worth it.  The Chicken Milanese was pretty good, although I felt they went a little heavy with whatever the white sauce all over the chicken was.  Truffle fries were, as always, delicious and the tomato salad was, as always, not as delicious as truffle fries.
    To counteract the fries we had the tomato side salad and to counteract that we had this piece of deliciousness!
    The chocolate bombe!
    People were very friendly, although the service lacked when it came to pouring our wine and bringing the bill, the two most important things in the world! The table next to us INSISTED we came and sat with them for a few minutes which we did mostly because it seemed like such a novel idea popular in the 70s along with swinging parties.
    Considering how much food we ate (and drank ALL the wines), the bill wasn’t too bad at £65/person.  If you can book in advance I would recommend it, but it’s worth a try to call for cancellations. It’s also become a bit easier to get in now that the summer and the hype has died down.

    I can’t wait for The Ivy Kensington Brasserie on High Street Kensington to open! All of the wine and stumbling distance to Bodo’s Scholss!

    The Ivy Chelsea Garden
    195-197 King’s Road, London, SW3 5ED
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