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    Disfrutar Barcelona

    You may not always associate Spain with some of the best chefs in the world as that title is usually associated with the French. However, the Spanish specialize in something truly unique: molecular cooking. A sort of culinary science experiment, expect things to look, taste and feel different than you would imagine.

    So, on a recent trip to Barcelona when we heard about the recently opened and award winning Disfrutar (Spanish for enjoy) we knew we needed to stop by. Started by three chefs who trained at elBulli and later opened their first restaurant Compartir in 2012, Disfrutar is a no fuss approach to truly creative food.

    From the clay tiles to the underwater feel in the bathrooms, the Michelin-starred restaurant is meant to reflect the Mediterranean. The food does as well, with a menu dominated by fish. Come hungry because Disfrutar only offers a choice of tasting menus, grand or regular, classic or ‘festival’.

    We chose the grand and proceeded to eat for several hours.


    Foie Gras

    Below are a selection of food photos. My favourite dish was the carb free ‘mac and cheese’ which was made with a jelly pasta and cream sauce. None of that pesky wheat, but enough cheese to clog even the largest of arteries.

    This was actually tied with the deep fried runny egg which would probably be my perfect meal combined with bacon.


    There was even a green juice. I didn’t choose this basic life, it chose me.

    The below was tough for me to eat because I hate eating things when they look like they did when they were alive.


    Cotton candy on a cotton tree (4 of the cotton balls were edible).

    Chocolate filled chilies.



    You had to rinse your hand with whiskey before the rabbit broth chilled with a pressure frozen, perfectly clear ice cube.

    Those little dangle things above are actually pasta.

    The below was a bit fishy for my tastes and quite difficult to eat while keeping hold of your dignity.

    The below was a kind of dry gazpacho.

    Giant corn with avocado on a cracker.


    Freeze dried beets. These were sweet and reminded me of special k red berries (in a good way).

    The tiny fishes on this dish reminded me of several meals we had in Japan. This baby fish is salty and a bit creepy, so I suggest eating with your eyes closed (see my Japan food guide here).

    Barcelona has such a rich foodie culture and a welcoming atmosphere. I’d highly recommend it if you are looking to travel with your stomach in mind.