Dirty Burger

Don’t go to Dirty Burger Kentish Town on a first date, unless you met through a messy eating fetish site. In that case, it’s exactly where you should go. This genius burger bar is from the same people who brought you Chicken Shop, Egg Break, Pizza East and of course, Soho House. Hot dogs next, please!

The hidden entrance .

We went out to this particular Dirty Burger because the hubs and I were on our way to a Method Man and Redman concert to party like it was 1999 (RIP Prince). The Kentish Town Dirty Burger is located around the corner from Chicken Shop and Pizza East. Perfect opportunity to eat yourself into an early grave.

They don’t even have a menu at Dirty Burger, just writing on the wall, which I like. One less thing to take up room in your eating space. There were only 4 burgers to choose from (Props to them for calling the veggie burger the dirty cop out). I had the plain cheeseburger because I wasn’t convinced the bacon would be crispy. The burger is messy enough without taking a bite and having the entire piece of bacon come out.

Top Tip: Keep the paper wrapping on to save getting sauce all over your lap.

The service was a little slow, but you can’t rush perfection. You order at the counter and they call your number when it’s ready. Your meal comes on a well-used tray and you can perch on a bench. The non-alcoholic drinks are self serve in an unmarked fridge. It took us a little while to figure it out, but eventually we found it under the sign warning us we were being watched on CCTV.

Dirty Burger is one of the better burgers I have ever had, not just in London. The bun is soft, burger juicy and cheese melty. We added the onion rings, which may have been a little too battered, but still delicious.

If you’re craving a burger, this is the place to go. If you don’t feel like leaving the comfort of your own house to shove a Dirty Burger down your throat, they are on Deliveroo!

What to wear: something you don’t mind getting burger sauce all over.

Who you’ll see: Deliveroo drivers and people inhaling meat.

Dirty Burger

Kentish Town

79 Highgate Road

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